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We Make Stuff

It’s been a really long time since last posting here on Creu. Life has been full but now in this season of rest I want to take the time and break the silence of this website. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been involved with a grassroots project called We Make Stuff. For those of you who don’t yet know about We Make Stuff, it first of all is a book (a high end book that you will want on your coffee table at home):

“We Make Stuff – Volume One will showcase one hundred artists and innovators from the Vancouver area who live in transparency with Jesus Christ and pursue creative excellence. It will be a historical document about creative people expressing their process and the intent behind their creative work.”

Being one of the Editor’s on the project, I’ve had the gift of inviting a handful of creative people that I know who are out there shaping culture, to participate in the book. It’s a grassroots initiative and there are no great individual financial backers for the project rather every copy that is pre-ordered will help make the book become a reality. If the people want it then it will become a reality. If they don’t, then it won’t! We want to send it to print in October.

We need to raise $30k – not a lot really when you break that down.

Break that down.

500 people pre-order a copy and then tell 1 other person to pre-order a copy and BAM we have $30k and the book in print!

David Vandas (the brains behind the project) is going to be at a festival happening in Mission called Creative World and you’ll be able to hear more about how this dream all began at the workshop we are hosting. Alongside that, the festival will also be a hub for those already involved in the project to get some facetime with one another.

All in all this weekend is going to be a goodie. Check out the links above. Like it on facebook. Book your tickets. And bring yourselves!

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  1. Karen Foss says:

    I would love to buy 3 copies of We Make Stuff. Can you please tell me where I can get copies



    • Naomi says:

      Hey Karen

      Do you live locally namely in BC? If so then I can send you to a local venue to get books. If not then I can get them mailed to you. Let me know.


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